At Kinley & Styskal, We Care About Elder Law

Our law firm is more than just an estate planning firm. While we want to protect your family after your death, we are just as committed to protecting you during your final years.

We have been fighting vigorously for more than 40 years to preserve and protect the rights of senior citizens in a broad spectrum of elder law matters. Our comprehensive services are designed to keep you safe when you are most vulnerable, and we will take swift legal action whenever someone else puts your well-being at risk.

Protect Your Assets And Your Health

When you come in for your first consultation with our attorneys in Tustin, we sit down with you to learn more about your needs and concerns, walking you through the variety of options available to meet your goals:

We believe a focus on elder law is a vital part of being a great estate planning lawyer. After all, you should be just as focused on end-of-life planning as you are on after-death planning.

Protect Yourself Against Financial Abuse

When you are in your old age or are facing serious medical challenges that put you in a vulnerable state, there may be many individuals and companies trying to exploit that for their own gain. Unfortunately, elder abuse is all too common — ranging from the gross use of your own funds by a family member to smaller instances of mail fraud that seek to drain you of all your assets.

We are dedicated to protecting you or your loved one from financial abuse and fraud. If you or your loved one is a target of these practices, call our lawyers immediately at 949-423-6783 to set up a free initial consultation, or reach out online. We are happy to help.