Protect And Preserve Your Assets And Your Family

Few things are as important as the well-being and security of your family. At Kinley & Styskal, we offer estate planning services that are drafted with your goals in mind. We carefully review your objectives and recommend the best estate planning strategies that keep you and your family secure in the years to come.

Our Tustin law firm has helped thousands of clients create their estate plans since we were founded in 1973. Your goals are our priority, and will always keep you fully informed and actively involved in every step of the estate planning process.

A Custom Estate Plan Designed To Meet Your Needs

Part of designing a tailored estate plan involves educating you on the tools available. Our lawyers listen to your needs and concerns and walk you through the best solutions to address those needs. Some options include:

Planning your future has never been easier. Our goal is to help you craft a holistic estate plan — one that will secure your assets during your lifetime, minimize your tax liability, help you avoid probate, protect your assets to prevent seizure by creditors and reduce the likelihood that your beneficiaries and heirs will become embroiled in a dispute resulting in costly litigation.

There For You When Something Goes Wrong

Estate plans are designed with your family's security in mind. But there is always the potential for something to go wrong, especially if a loved one has planned their estate with a less experienced attorney. We always stand by your side during probate disputes or trust litigation so you can swiftly and effectively resolve your matter and get back to the grieving process.

Too few people understand the value of setting up their estate plan early, to protect themselves when crisis strikes. Send us an email or call our firm at 949-423-6783 to set up a free initial consultation — there's no risk to get started!