You Worked Hard For Your Assets, We'll Help You Protect Them

You spent decades building up your legacy, acquiring the assets you want to pass onto your children, spouse or other family members in your will. But once crisis strikes and you are in need of long-term care, these may eat away at your assets — leaving little left for the ones you love.

We at Kinley & Styskal have decades of experience working with clients to ensure that their hard-earned assets are protected from creditors, whether due to a traumatic injury, inpatient nursing care necessitated by the onset of dementia, or other life-altering events resulting in overwhelming bills. By properly planning ahead, you can protect your family and your wealth.

Plan Ahead For Long-Term Medical Care

Timing is essential when establishing an asset protection plan. Typically, by the time it becomes evident that an individual is going to require extensive medical care, it is often too late to safeguard your assets.

If you wait until the onset of a debilitating condition or the diagnosis of a fatal medical condition until you attempt to establish an asset protection plan, it may be seen as an attempt to defraud creditors. California probate courts may then invalidate your estate plan, even if it was not your intent to defraud potential creditors.

Part Of A Complete Estate Plan

Asset protection is one of the most important parts of your estate plan. We utilize a variety of tools to create a tailored strategy that will best protect your assets, including:

  • California private retirement plans
  • Medi-Cal protective trusts
  • Life insurance trusts
  • Qualified primary residence trusts
  • Irrevocable trusts
  • Dynasty trusts

It is also imperative that you reevaluate your estate plan every few years to account for changes in both the law and your financial circumstances. At Kinley & Styskal, our skilled asset protection attorneys possess an in-depth understanding of estate planning law, and ensure that they remain informed of all changes to the law that will directly impact your financial security.

We offer free initial consultations to discuss your needs with one of our estate planning lawyers in Tustin. Send us an email or call 949-423-6783 to schedule your appointment.