Every Business Owner Needs A Business Succession Plan

As an owner, primary shareholder or key executive of a business — whether you run a family business or closely held corporation or partnership — it is vital that you have a comprehensive business succession plan in place. Business succession plans are an important part of your overall estate planning, and can provide a seamless transition in power once you are unable to operate the business any longer.

At Kinley & Styskal, we help you make these important decisions, crafting a business succession plan that meets both your personal goals and business objectives.

Keep Your Business Running Smoothly

Should you become severely ill or die without a business succession plan, your responsibilities will either be transferred to your heirs, other shareholders within the company or divided between both. In these cases, disputes often arise amongst your loved ones regarding who should take over daily operations, or among shareholders who disagree as to how your shares should be divided.

These disputes not only disrupt business, but often result in lengthy and costly litigation which could lead to the permanent closure of the business. At Kinley & Styskal, our business succession lawyers in Tustin craft a plan to keep your family and your business secure no matter what happens to you.

We're More Than Just Estate Lawyers

As both estate planning and business law attorneys, we have worked with countless businesses to create in-depth, enforceable business succession plans that clearly outline who will take over running daily operations and set forth the division of existing shares. Should you choose to retire and sell the business, we are also able to draft a buy-sell agreement as part of a successful exit strategy.

During your consultation, we will thoroughly review your business structure and familiarize ourselves with your business operations. This will provide us with the information needed to begin working with you to craft a customized plan that addresses your unique objectives and goals. Call 949-423-6783 today to set up your free initial consultation, or reach out online to get started.