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Don't put off your estate plan for too long

The estate planning process is one that you can think of in the same light as buying insurance. You hope that it doesn't have to be used too soon, but you are always thankful that you have the plan in place in case something does happen. When it comes to your estate plan, your loved ones are the people who are going to reap the benefits of your planning.

Why contested wills are more common among blended families

Attention is once again being placed on how nuclear and stepfamilies handle estate planning differently. A study, published by the National Bureau of Economic Research in 2015, shed light on the fact that in nuclear families, assets tend to be divided up among heirs equally. Research showed that as blended families have become more popular, assets have increasingly been split more unequally among children.

What will I have to do as an estate executor?

An executor for a will carries a great deal of responsibility. In fact, if an executor fails in his or her duties, the executor could face financial liabilities for negligence and other errors if the other beneficiaries of the estate choose to hold him or her accountable in court. As such, it's vital that -- if you've been named as an executor -- you handle your duties carefully and responsibly.

Keeping your estate plan simple, but with detailed instructions

The estate planning process is something that many people put off because they are worried that it is going to be too complicated. This isn't always the case. It is true that some estate plans are more complex than others, but we can help you to find out what you can do to simplify things for your loved ones.

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