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Is your estate distribution plan really fair?

Most of us want to treat our children fairly in our estate plans. A common way of doing this is to divide your estate equally among your children. Imagine you have two daughters and two sons. You might give each of them a 25 percent share of your estate, each receives the same amount, but will your children always see this as fair?

Seniors: Does your estate plan have these 2 important features?

Every adult in California, no matter his or her age, needs to complete a well-thought-out estate plan. This will ensure that -- in the event of an unexpected death or incapacitation -- the days and weeks that follow will be easier on the estate planner's close family members. Having a well-planned estate will also help preserve the inheritance of family members and give them peace of mind.

Protect your loved ones through your estate after your death

Many people keep their financial matters private, which is understandable. There is one exception to this. When you are creating an estate plan, you need to be forthcoming about your financial affairs so that we can help you find the solutions that can accomplish your goals when you are gone.

Is your estate plan shaky or solid?

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania determined that only about 30 percent of United States residents spell out their wishes for end-of-life-care. Perhaps even more startling, fewer than half of the respondents in a survey done by had drafted any estate planning documents like living trusts or wills.

Establishing guardianship in your estate plan

For a number of reasons, if you are a parent, it is well past time to create an estate plan. Not only do you want to make sure that you leave your children any property you want them to keep, but you also need to make it very clear who you wish to care for your children if you pass away. You'll probably also want to allocate sufficient resources to carry out these duties to the individual(s) you choose as guardians.

Estate planning shows you care about your loved ones

Estate planning isn't usually something that younger adults think about. Many younger Americans think that they have plenty of time left to create an estate plan. This might not be the case since it is impossible to see into the future. Estate planning is one way that you can control the future.

Don't put off your estate plan for too long

The estate planning process is one that you can think of in the same light as buying insurance. You hope that it doesn't have to be used too soon, but you are always thankful that you have the plan in place in case something does happen. When it comes to your estate plan, your loved ones are the people who are going to reap the benefits of your planning.

Why contested wills are more common among blended families

Attention is once again being placed on how nuclear and stepfamilies handle estate planning differently. A study, published by the National Bureau of Economic Research in 2015, shed light on the fact that in nuclear families, assets tend to be divided up among heirs equally. Research showed that as blended families have become more popular, assets have increasingly been split more unequally among children.

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