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Protect your loved one with a special needs trust

If you have family members who need ongoing care they cannot provide for themselves, you may want to consider setting up a special needs trust to ensure that your loved ones' needs remain covered in the future. Special needs trusts are a particular type of trust that allows people to receive ongoing care without inflating their income or jeopardizing their qualification for certain government assistance benefits.

Demystifying trusts in an estate plan

Setting up your estate plan is something that can take a lot of thought, but it is worth it when you realize that you are making plans that can set your family members up after you are gone. Some people think that this is a complicated process, but it doesn't have to be. We are here to help take the uncertainty out of it.

What is a revocable living trust?

If you have ever thought about writing a will or an estate plan, you may have come to realize that many documents are required to protect different elements of your future. Some work together and others work separately to secure your needs. One popular tool in estate planning is a revocable living trust. Here we will state the purpose of a revocable living trust, why you might need one and how you can maintain it as part of your estate plan.

Hugh Hefner's widow signed prenuptial, but still gets millions

When 91-year-old Hugh Hefner died this past week, many people wondered how his widow, Crystal, was going to fare. It was common knowledge that the 31-year-old former Playboy cover model had signed an ironclad prenuptial agreement with Hefner. Still, it was speculated that he was going to take care of her for the rest of her life, but the question was how he would accomplish that since she wasn't in his will.

Using generation-skipping trusts for maximum benefit

If you are looking for estate planning tools that may help you provide for specific needs of your grandchildren, you may want to consider a generation-skipping trust. These trusts are crafted specifically for individuals who wish to leave something special to a family member at least two generations younger. Using such a trust, a person can transfer a significant amount of money or property to a beneficiary tax free, if certain qualifications are met.

Trusts: Not just for big estates

When a person feels their estate is on the small side, there are certain incorrect assumptions they might make. For one, they might assume that their estate's size automatically means that getting a trust is something they don't really need to look into.

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